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Resident Evil Mafia - Game Over - Zombies live to terrorize the city


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This game has one rule that breaks the standard. Please read the following:


1.    All players may communicate anywhere at anytime. This includes starting a QT, PM messages, text, phone conversations, smoke signals, etc. No Restrictions.


2.    BOLD your votes only, if it’s in RED or any color other than the standard, you can GFY it’s not being counted. You must also unvote before voting again.


3.    I hate having to put in the rule, so don’t make me enforce it, because god damn it I will. You must have at least 1 game content related post every 36 hours (exception being weekend, an emergency or an endless night). If you fail to do this I WILL MOD KILL YOU. Just saying oh I’m busy and not posting anything game related will not cut it. This game will confuse you and it is best you keep up.


4.    Another rule I’m not happy about – if you do not reach a majority there will be severe consequences. Don’t tempt me.


5.    There are no named characters. Reveal whatever you want, just don’t quote your PM.


6.    Blah, blah, blah


14.  GFY





1. Ishy
2. Verbal <3

3. JC - Bravo team member (town) - died D3
4. Darthe
5. Hell yeah

6. Lily, Bravo team member - turned zombie - lynched D3
7. Pac

8. 80

9. Player

10. salami

11. Archimedes - Bravo Team Member (town) - died D2

12. JiF, Alpha Team medic (town) - died D3

13. Crusher


All role PMs have been sent. 


It is now day. With 13 alive, it takes 7 to lynch. 

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If you're too incompetent to see how it relates to mafia, that is neither my problem nor my fault.

Pretty sure you aren't good at this. I assume you refer to meta. At least I'm man enough to not hide behind an alt. The players good enough to need that would all have the balls to not bother and play the game. The couple from here that do it on DM only do it for teh lulz....I don't think you do.

So when you're ready to put on the big-girl panties, let me know. Until then, sit in the corner and eat a bag of dicks.

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