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Resident Evil Mafia - Game Over - Zombies live to terrorize the city


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The plot thickens. Someone just posted in one of the QT's, trying to impersonate me :biggrin:

That's how safe QT talks are. Anyway.

I have yet to get a single pm or QT invite. Explains why I was todays lynch. DM has officially taken over JN mafia. Crusher is no longer a cool kid. LOL

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I have yet to get a single pm or QT invite. Explains why I was todays lynch. DM has officially taken over JN mafia. Crusher is no longer a cool kid. LOL

I'm not sure. I voted you because

1) You looked like a logical candidate for recruiting

2) I didn't know whether you started with an armor

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It started to storm outside, lightning flashing in the windows. Shadows were cast into the room and the infected used this time to attack. 2 people were bitten by the infected. The person who had a cure noticed the change in someone and quickly administered the anti-virus saving one from infection. Elsewhere in the room, someone was stabbed by a needle sending the t-virus through their body. Salami did not notice when a dart came flying towards him. Luckily, he still had his armor so he did not die a painful death.  


It is day, with 12 alive, it takes 7 to lynch. 

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We've been going for a few days now and only have 2 confirmed players that started as town (cos they have the armour)

1. Ishy

2. Verbal <3

3. JC

4. Darthe

5. Hell yeah

6. Lily

7. Pac

8. 80

9. Player - Town (unconfirmed)

10. salami - Town (body armour confirmed)

12. JiF

13. Crusher - Town (body armour confirmed)

Have I missed anyone?

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Btw, I shot Csarmi.  I did it for three reasons.


1: He is being an annoying little sh*t this game.


2: Based on his claim and what I have heard from others I knew that my shot would either convert him back to town if a zombie or his BPV would protect him if town.  The only other option was that he was CL (unless they have a BPV as well) and thus it was a win win use of my shot because either way it confirmed him and helped us.


3: So far as I can tell, this is cultafia and thus they have no kill.   With that shot I confirm myself as town as of yesterday when I claimed the shot.

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Yes I agree with that

Something that strikes me as odd is DPR

Similar idea to his game right. So why hasn't he been more active with a theory for how to control the game

This is what he said about his game


It's based on the mechanic of the first Fast-Mafia Vampire Hunter game. Were the town to get together and put a suspect list up while organizinf FLIR views and Vig kills, the mafia would have had to be very active and very clever to pull through.


In each PM I told the FLIR viewer and the Vig Killer that they could not discuss the options before they were used. But they were free to discuss them after, so the first viewer and killer could have copped to the action and suggested that the town plan who to view/kill each phase, even though they wouldn't know who did it. 


By controlling the timing and the view/kills, the town could have kept the mafia very busy and that would have led to mistakes made by the mafia, making them easily visible.


But, paranoia won out and despite several people asking if they could talk about the views/kills after they performed them, no one ever did.


It's fascinating to see how people handle things.

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Darthe, you should have used your shot during the day. This way it confirms no one. Especially not you.

I don't even believe you about your shot.


I realize that I worked with you in PM to get info (BTW, this idiot spilled a lot (JIF and 80 can confirm) to me so if I was cult those of you who are talking to him would be ****ed), but you still are the dumbest person I know.  Jesus.  What difference does it make whether a shot is used at night or day?  Further, how do you figure I could fake claim shooting you without being CC'd and what would be the point?


You know you were shot and I say I shot you.  There is no advantage to me lying.  



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I blame life in general for that

I thought he was being weirdly quiet

I'm not sure zombies can't use armour but if they are zombies they aren't the CL right?


This last line.  That's what I'm thinking.

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Update on my PM situation..  I've received 1 and it's from someone I don't trust (even thought I'd like to).  My answer was so non-committal I never received another message.


Anyone forming alliances in a conversion game is stupid whether it be a cultist or town.  There's your mafia pro tip for the day.


Vote 80


he should be neutralized.

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I could easily vote Darthe or Player right now.

Player: Advocating no communication in a game where clearly the key is to communicate on separate threads and sift through the data is a weird notion.

Darthe: Lying about our PM to try and isolate me (practically the only confirmed town player at this point) is a strange point too.

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