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Resident Evil Mafia - Game Over - Zombies live to terrorize the city


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Nice game Leelou..  you took some risks with mechanics and for the most part it worked out.


While I think Darthe makes some stupid plays and isn't what I'd call, how do you say.... smart -- I admire his ability to tune out the criticism and continue to play unphased by it all.  It's actually funnier than if he were to melt down and lash out at everyone.

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Fun game to read, y'all :biggrin:

I was sure Ishy's head was going to explode for a minute there. Congrats on the win, zombies.


Perhaps you're not aware but there is a "PM a Pic to Pac" initiation required to read the mafia forum.  Please send no less than 3 action photos at your earliest convenience.


Thanks in advance.

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Yeah until Verbal threatened to ban us. Problem is that can;t happen without Vic. Vic is the catalyst. I miss that little ****er.


I took a lot of sh*t for that night, lol. Maybe we wait until I'm on official LoA before round 2, yes?

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What a ******* Princess Verbal is. One lousy thread with a couple off colored jokes. That's the ONLY thing posted in this forum. I the peoples mod.. Verbal is the agent of the man. **** Verbal.

Shut up. I laughed my ass off at that thread. But I'm not the only admin on DM. I did what I could, for what it's worth. Honestly.

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