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Resident Evil Mafia - Game Over - Zombies live to terrorize the city


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Shut up. I laughed my ass off at that thread. But I'm not the only admin on DM. I did what I could, for what it's worth. Honestly.

I know dude. After about 6 death row pardons I finally had to take the bed sheet out off my front pocket and dry the tears from my eyes as they took the Ape off to be put asleep.
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I could have sworn that I remember you posting two or three of the memes yourself.

I did. Then I left with a specific "play nice" instruction.

All hell broke loose once the door behind me closed, lol.

I came back to a sh*tshow.

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Nice game Leelou..  you took some risks with mechanics and for the most part it worked out.


While I think Darthe makes some stupid plays and isn't what I'd call, how do you say.... smart -- I admire his ability to tune out the criticism and continue to play unphased by it all.  It's actually funnier than if he were to melt down and lash out at everyone.


This is the closest anyone on JN has gotten to giving me a compliment so.. thank you?

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I would not have tried to draw the lynch if I knew we had voting majority at the time but that whole situation was difficult to read. Becoming cult and not being any more in the know than you were as town made this game very difficult.

How was that difficult?

You needed to

A) Count: 1CL + 1 zombie at night + 4 recruited = 6, 1 cured ->5


B) Use the fact that Ishy was a confirmed zombie (by 80 (as town) + Lily (as zombie)) on D3 and he hasn't shown up yet.

As for the spirit of the game:

I think it was rather complicated this time. There were two players with constant alignment, but the rest could be turned back and forth. While you should try and make your current team win, I think it's quite a valid argument that you should keep your options open and consider yourself first and your current team second.

That's just natural when your team can change anytime. So why shouldn't you be concerned about winning the game (= finishing it on the winning side)? Zombies are selfish. Townies are selfish. This is a survival situation.

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Huh I thought it was Darthe

And you wondered why I didn't trust you

You should look up the events.

I was turned after Lily got lynched. The game went from 2 zombies to 6 during the night because

1) you killed the medic

2) town didn't lynch the CL (Verbal)

I was trying to get Verbal lynched on that day because I've figured out the actual role of every single player, I just wasn't verbal enough about it, or smth. :(

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Actually I didn't give much info out to anyone. I got info from a few places, yes.

What I had was:

Confirmed one another with Archie D1 with the armor description. He contacted me because of my "I can't die" statement and told me his description. Made me quite sure he was town - at that point maffia wouldn't know what we had (and if they did it wouldn't matter anyway).

I sent out a few PM's for fun (when JiF voted Verbal D1, I sent him a "Lynch Verbal Club QT", for instance).

80 contacted me early day 2. Likely before he got converted. He told me the Bravo item description. Sent me the Kill DM Newfags QT. We have talked a little. But I obviously couldn't trust that QT. Also 80 started an Alpha+Bravo QT but it died off like asap (Archie was brought in and he couldn't be trusted).

What good came out of it was that Hally decided to contact me too (ofc we both realized it was too late to be sure of one another).

Also JiF decide to take up the convo (because from the Alpha+Beta thread he thought I was alpha) and he knew what was up with the Alpha/Beta roles. Of course at that point the armor information was worth sh*t, but bite still not happened.

So I created an Alpha Team channel with Hally, JiF and Me.

For some reason JiF decided to trust us (it was a risky move, but likely a good one) and told us his exact role.

In themeantime we had a back and forth with Darthe fishing, threatening me and such. The only info I gave him was that he shouldn't shoot JiF and Hally cause they were alpha. Thankfully he decided to shoot me.

When Day 3 started, I created a new instance of that QT with JiF, but I didn't include Hally (sorry) cause at that point she couldn't be trusted (while I was confirmed, she wasn't). JiF told me he sent in the healing on Crusher. I think he never told us he used healing on Pac N1.

I wasn't in contact with Crusher except for a fun QT. When he posted he received no PM from anyone, I created a QT for him (and suggested that we lynch everyone whose name don't start with a C). So I asked him if he was bitten but he wasn't around.

Then Player shot JiF without warning. Hally shot 80 (a very nice one!!), Lily contacted us (no I won't post the messages or QT's).

80 + Lily confirmed Ishy as zombie.

Crusher got confirmed as town (at least for me and Hally).

Here's my analysis from before Pac saved you and the thread exploded:


Confirmed town: 80 (cured D3), Hally (called curing dart D3), Me (see above), Crusher (bitten/cured at night), Player (claimed curing dart on JiF)

CL, 6 alphas, 6 bravos

D2: CL stabs Lily, Lily bites 80 (weird: how come during the day?)

N2: CL stabs someone (Darthe, or one of Verbal/Pac/JC), 80 bites Crusher (he gets cured), Lily bites Ishy, I get shot by Darthe

D3: Player shoots JiF (ouch!), Hally shoots 80

Confirmed zombie: Lily, Ishy

Possible CL: Verbal, Pac, JC

Possible zombie: the three above + Darthe

Strike Pac/JC pair off the list as confirmed townies for the shots.

So I got full coverage, and posted my analysis a few times. People kept calling me idiot and Pac led the lynch astray. I did repost it with Verbal as the only possible CL then made sure to point out that he was false claiming (at that point Lily was accidentally self-hammered tho).

Not sure what I should have done differently. With the shots flying things were just very fast.

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I know you were confirmed. I didn't trust you cos you were talking to everyone and apparently getting info form everyone

And if you thought it was verb you should of been louder. He was on the list.i would of joined you there

Also I think you probably weren't even around when the crucial event (no Verb lynch, but Lily) happened.

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I did. Then I left with a specific "play nice" instruction.

All hell broke loose once the door behind me closed, lol.

I came back to a sh*tshow.

It's like teaching your kid to play baseball and then leaving for work to come home to find he beat the cat to death with the baseball bat.

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