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Die Hard for Mafia - Sign Ups

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We can wait for Ape, if people want to, I'm mainly curious to see who'd be interested.   ^_^



1. Apezorz

2. JiF

3. Ishy

4. Lily

5. Crusher

6. Darthe

7. Csarmi

8. AVM

9. Dap

10. 80

11. Leelou

12. Verb

13. DPR

14. Pac

15. JC

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Nah, we'll just boot Darthe. That's what he gets for getting me lynched. Bastard. heh

I can't play after all. Sorry.    Never mind. I'm in. 

That's impossible the Ape was banned.

I can change the team and keep the set up probably


I know that would be a lot of work, and I really appreciate you going to all that work. That would be perfect. 

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Ape plays - I play. That's how it works.

Then I will see you in awhile my friend. I think the Ape will be gone for awhile. Actually I will come visit you and play in your next game since I was late for this one.

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I just posted an invite if you'd like to Scooby-Doo. You have a standing invitation in any game I ever mod. And at any event I ever attend. Or breakfast at my house - just show up whenever, it's cool.

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