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Jets sign kicker Billy Cundiff

Bob Robbins

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Yeah, I get that Cundiff is probably steeper competition than Maher, but talent aside I don't think you can trust him anymore. If Cundiff actually looks good enough in practice, I still don't want him starting. He's been damaged goods since the AFCCG choke. Last season with the Redskins he looked good enough in tryouts/practice to get a shot and then lost his job by underperforming again. I particularly remember his 1/4 game against the Bucs, not a pretty sight.


Folk will start, and I get that this is just a competition thing. But I really didn't want anything to do with Cundiff. Although, overall the signing doesn't bother me because I can't see Folk losing the job. Last year the competition with Josh Brown was actually pretty legit and Folk still came out on top.

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Competition.  The theme for training camp. 


Exactly.  How many guys can you count on this entire roster who haven't had some sort of competition for their job brought in?


Off the top of my head, the only names I could come up with would be Mangold and Ferguson on offense and Cromartie, Wilkerson, and Harris on D.  Beyond that you could make arguments for Holmes if healthy and Landry since, although he is new, he's pretty much guaranteed a starting spot.  Every other position the team has made sure to at least bring in a few other guys, even if the starter does seem blatantly obvious to the rest of us.

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