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So Camp starts today.


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Well guys, the long off season is about to end. Football is almost here. I hate the long haul waiting for the Beautiful game to start again.

I feel like this is a new start even with Sanchez is still here, I love what Idz's is trying to put in place.

Looking forward to some camp reports, and the guys in pads actually hitting. I'm not expecting a lot of the season, but love to seeing our new D-Line and of course Smith v Sanchez.

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Trying to stay optimistic for at least mediocre TE play.  I'm just hopping Kellen doesn't have to pull a Garrard and retire for knee problems.  


Right Leg: 

  Broken in 2004

  Torn ACL in 2005 

  More knee surgery to repair damage in 2007


But, he had strong years in 2010 and 2011, so there's hope.  How are Cumberland, Smyth, Reuland, etc. going to step up as well.  Geno or Mark need reliable targets in order to succeed.

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it's all about the d-line for me. 


I want carnage.  I want intimidation. 


I want those madden snot globber hits or whatever he called them. 


I want QB's doing the peyton manning drop and curl up move because when the see Q coming free they think they might actually die


everything else is going to suck, so they owe us that

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