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Geno Smith Interview


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New York Jets QB Geno Smith, 7.25



On what makes him feel he is ready for the quarterback competition…

Preparation. I’ve been preparing extremely hard. I’ve studied (and) gotten familiar with the offense and the terminology, all those things. I feel more and more comfortable with it as the days go by. So, I’m just preparing myself and I know once I get more acclimated with it, the game will slow down. That happens with time, but I’m just preparing.


On how much further along he is than when mini-camp ended six weeks ago…

Six weeks (further) along. I came in, the first day was obviously brand new to me, but the more reps that I got, that more time I had to study, it just slowed down for me. I was able to just fully grasp the offense. And I’m still learning. There’s still a long way to go. I still have to continue to prepare my mind and my body and just give myself a shot. That’s all I can ask for.


On Coach Mornhinweg’s comments on his progress…

Obviously, it’s good to have an offensive coordinator who’s pleased with your development. But I’m still developing and I’m going to continue to develop two and three years down the line because that’s what this game’s all about, always getting better. I’m looking for ways and finding ways to get better and there’s a lot that I can improve on at this stage of my career. So, I’m going to continue to learn, continue to study and those things will never change, my study habits, my work ethic, all those things are going to remain the same and I’m just going to work and try to get better every single day.


On how he feels entering his first training camp…

It feels great. It’s all a new experience for me being a rookie, but at the same time football’s always been football. I can go back to my first time in high school, I can go back to my first time in college and it was all new to me then.  It’s the same thing here, but I’m remaining focused.  I have a goal in mind. I have a job to do, which is to come in and compete, and that’s what I’m going to do.


On whether he expects to win the quarterback competition…

In my heart, I expect to have a shot. That’s all I can ask for myself, my teammates and my coaches, (that) they give me a shot. The coaches are going to determine (the starter) through the preseason up until Week One. So, once we get there, then we’ll know.


On his confidence in winning the quarterback competition…

I’m just confident in myself, my study habits, my ability to learn (and) my ability to get acclimated with the offense. The things that I will do on the field will take care of themselves, but I have to put the work in in the film room, as well as in my own room, doing things behind the scenes in order to give myself a shot.


On what it would mean to leave camp without winning the quarterback competition…

It would just mean that I have lots of work to do, more work than maybe I’ve thought. But I’m going to continue to work at it and I’m going to continue to stay diligent and keep my mind in the right place. I know, eventually down the line, there will be another shot for me to win the starting job if I don’t come out of this camp with it.


On how he feels Coach Mornhinweg’s system fits his strengths…

I think it’s about adapting to his system. I think it’s a really good system. I think it utilizes all of our strengths and it utilizes what we have on offense, which is dynamic backs, we have wide receivers who can stretch the field with Stephen (Hill), we also have guys who can get in and out of cuts and do a lot of things in the middle of the field. So, for me it’s about adapting to it, continuing to do the things that I’m good at, as well as finding a niche in this offense and making it work.


On whether he would like to know if he is the starter before camp breaks…

I’m not going to put a timeline on it. That’s the coaches’ job to decide. My job is to come out and work, and show them whether or not I’m ready to be a starter. That takes time and it takes reps.


On if training camp and preseason will be enough reps to know if you are ready to be a starter…

I mean you can never tell.  The coaches, they’re going to evaluate this. John (Idzik), Coach Ryan, (Coach) Marty (Mornhinweg), Coach Lee, they are all going to evaluate this and they are going to come together and decide what is best for the team. 


On whether OTAs and the mini-camps were a wakeup call for him…

I wouldn’t say it was a wakeup call.  It was just an opportunity for me to learn the offense, get acclimated to the system, and get better.  That’s what I try to do; I try to take full advantage of my reps, as well as the ones that I didn’t get.  I take mental reps, go inside the classroom, watch more and more film, get home, study more and more and just try to put myself in a good position.


On if he has become comfortable with dealing with the media that comes with being a New York quarterback…

I have always been comfortable with it.  I didn’t know it would be to this extent, but it is something you have to deal with and you have to learn from.  You know I am learning daily.  It is my first day on the job according to all of you guys.  This is my first training camp, so I am still a rookie and I am going to continue to learn and everything is going to get better year in and year out.


On if he wants to be the greatest quarterback ever…

That’s my goal. 


On why he did not go to Jets West Camp and the criticism he took…

I don’t think I need to set any record straight.  For one, everyone is invited to go.  I decided to stay in Florida to be closer to home. I still got good work in and still was able to prepare.  Me and Mark (Sanchez), everyone tries to make an issue out of that, there is no issue there.  We are here to compete, and we have a good working relationship.  My decision was to just stay closer to home and get the proper amount of work in that I thought was necessary to prepare myself and be here and be ready.


On his relationship with Mark Sanchez…

I mean we have only known each other for about a month now.  We are still working on all of those things.  Like I said there is no problem there, but you just think of anyone you have only known for a month, you just have to develop that. 


On if he has ever competed for a starting job and not won it… 

Let’s see, I can’t quite recall right now.  Like I said though, competition is something that I am used too.  I did it day in and day out back at West Virginia.  I remember being a freshmen and competing with a fifth-year senior for a starting job, and he won that job, Jerry Brown, and I did it as a freshmen in high school and I won that job then.  So every situation is different.  Those situations don’t play into this one and I just have to take it in full stride. 


On if he considers it a failure if he is not the starting quarterback…

No, I don’t look at it as a failure.  I try to keep everything in a positive perspective.  If I don’t, it is something to learn from and I can look at the tape and figure out ways to get better from it.  I will see lots of room for improvement and when the opportunity comes again, be ready for it again.  


On if there is something to be said about sitting and learning for a year…

Well, like I said the coaches will decide.  If I have the opportunity to step out on the field, you know it’s about winning games.  I have to be able to contribute and I have to be able to help my team win games.  If the coaches decide that I’m the guy for the job then I have to go out with the mindset that I am not thinking like a rookie, I’m not worried about being in year one.  Instead I’m worried about helping my teammates and winning games and managing the game. 


On if he has talked to Coach Mornhinweg about his system and other quarterbacks he’s coached…

I don’t like to talk about anyone else’s situation.  I don’t know what their situation was to be exact.  Like I said I am living in the moment here and I am just focusing on what I have to do.  Studying more and more and trying to compete for this job and putting myself in a really good position.

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Anyone else find it interesting that Geno refers to him as "John" whereas Sanchez calls him "Mr. Idzik"?


Maybe Mark's and John's first meeting after Idzik was hired went something like this:


Mark:  Hi, John welcome to the Jets.


Idzik: Hi, buttfumble boy, to you, it's MR. IDZIK



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Anyone else find it interesting that Geno refers to him as "John" whereas Sanchez calls him "Mr. Idzik"?


Sanchez knows Mr. Idzik probably wants him out of here, so he's doing some public ass-kissing.  Geno knows he's John's guy, so they're on a first name basis.

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