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jets - giants dept. : " Giants GM’s bold move leads to shot at Jets from player " ~ ~ ~


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New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese is planning to install a Super Bowl countdown clock in the team’s locker room this season. Super Bowl XLVIII will be played on the Giants’ home turf of MetLife Stadium. It’s a move that hopes to inspire Giants but feels a bit like something the Jets might do.


Enter Giants guard Chris Snee to put to rest any concerns that Reese is exhibiting similar behavior to that of the other New York organization.“I would never, ever compare Jerry Reese to anything associated with the Jets,” Snee told the New York Daily News.




It’s not even August yet. Not a single down of meaningful football has been played. Calm down, New York football teams. Can’t we wait until after training camp breaks or Mark Sanchez decides to dance topless again to devalue each other ?


> http://ftw.usatoday.com/2013/07/giants-gms-bold-move-leads-to-shot-at-jets-from-player/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+UsatodaycomNfl-TopStories+%28Sports+-+NFL+-+Top+Stories%29

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It really is funny how much of an inferiority complex the Giants and their fans have when it comes to the Jets, particularly given how much more success their team has in its history.  When the Jets are doing well, you could never hear any of our fans give less of a crap about the Giants or what it is they are doing.  Meanwhile, no matter how well things are going for the Giants, any time they dare hear the name of those lowly Jets come up, they cannot help but get their panties in a huge wad about it.  It's really rather sad.

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