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Confess your unpopular opinions here


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By the way, I think we should keep this to football.  "Unpopular opinions" about non-football things can (and eventually will) get this thread locked and it has the potential for at least 8 more posts.


Confession: I'd like to light Sperm on fire.

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C'mon BG you can do better than this.  Give us something juicy.  No homo.


Meh, there's not much in terms of Jets-related opinions I have these days that would be considered "unpopular".  Most of the guys I've been getting crap for years for saying how much they suck are either gone or everyone else finally pulled their heads out of their asses and started to agree.  The biggest arguments I've had on this board lately revolve around my belief that Wilson and Powell aren't two of the worst players to ever put on a Jets uniform and beyond that, mostly just arguing with bitonti about whatever random nonsense, which hardly qualifies as unpopular by any measurement.

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College football sucks.


For example, Alabama wins by out recruiting everyone. 


Nick Saban is a dick.


4 hours to play minutes of NCAA football is a joke.


The idea that Johnny Manziel is going to lose his eligibility because he traded on his name based on the judgment of the NCAA who print money for jerseys, t shirts and junk trading on Manziel's name is a joke. 



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The Jets have the worst fanbase in all of sports.


Not a chance.  This board would be a ghost-town if this were true.  I'd rather have obnoxious, self-loathing fans than bandwagoners like, say, Falcons fans.  Dolphins fans are way worse.  Also, as nice as Saints fans tend to be, most of them used to be Cowboys fans. 


We've always been here and wonder why we keep coming back despite the highest ticket prices in the league for a (mostly) inferior product.

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Jets go to playoffs with Sanchez as QB


This is a prediction, not a confession.


Unless you meant it as in, with in the past they've done this .... to which I would point out: Jets don't got to playoffs with Sanchez as QB, which is an equally true statement.

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1 Joe Namath was great, but he hurt the Jets badly by touting Al Woodal and later Richard Todd. They both stunk, and cost us badly when we still had a super bowl worthy roster

2. Agree with Sperm that Curtis Martin was overrated. Give anybody that many touches, and he will get lots of yards if he's durable and you have a good offensive line. I like runners who can take it to the house, which we never seem to have.

3. John Riggins and Wesley Walker are my favorite Jets of all time - this is not unpopular, but it's something I have to get off my chest. Many will say that Riggins wasn't a Jet long enough, and his best years were with WAshington, but my greatest memories as a Jet fan was watching this guy run.

4. I am sick of immobile Jet quarterbacks over the years, whether it be Namath (not his fault his knees were shot), Ken Obrien (a friggin statue), Richard Todd (I still can't believe he played wishbone in college)... If Geno can scramble and make first downs on broken plays, he's the quarteback I want, cause we never seem to have a guy like that

5. I thought that Wesley Walker and Lam Jones were gong to get the greatest receiver duo of all times

6. I have a feeling we will hate this Offensive coordinator, just like we have hated on every other offensive coordinator from Hackett to Schotty to Sparano. If we hate the new guy, the problem may be with us, not them.

7. One of my most enjoyable years as a Jet fan was Mangini's first year, with a  very innovative offense, Cotch and Coles making plays, Leon Washington, Brad Smith... and we made the playoffs under the radar.

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  • Mangini has been the best Jets HC since Parcells
  • Sanchez is better than Geno and will lead the Jets to at least a .500 season (this year)
  • Led Zeppelin sucks
  • Ulysses sucks worse

Way to take the thread seriously!

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