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Camp Tweets 8-12


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Brian Costello @BrianCoz

McKnight is up again and running onto the field. As the Joe turns #nyj
Beat Writer / Columnist




How weird is this?  If he had some kind of a concussion that was causing him to pass out, would they really have him on the field?


This is really bizarre. 

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This is crazy RT @SethWalderNYDN Joe McKnight Stopped to take a knee on way to field...three times. Trainer came over to talk to him. #nyj
Beat Writer / Columnist
Bizarre RT @SethWalderNYDN Joe McKnight still hasn't made it to practice field. Trainer by his side as he crouches by a trash can. #nyj
Beat Writer / Columnist
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Joe McKnight struggles to walk to practice

BY Seth Walder

Joe McKnight’s bizarre camp continues. The running back, who has struggled to make it on the field for parts of training camp, literally struggled to walk to the field on Monday morning.


As McKnight made his way across the SUNY Cortland soccer field, he didn’t make it but a few steps before he stopped to take a knee. Gathering himself a minute later, McKnight began to walk but only made it a couple yards before he went to his knee again, this time gaining the attention of a trainer. His third pit stop, next to a trash can near the field, was the longest, as a trainer stood by him and gave him water.


Eventually, McKnight walked on to the practice field. 


It’s just part of McKnight’s already unbelievable training camp. 


In just two-and-a-half weeks, McKnight has: failed his conditioning test, because of an anxiety issue, according to Rex Ryan; boasted about his 3.3% body fat after dealing with dehydration; suffered a migraine; been arrested; suffered an unspecified head injury; told reporters he’s “not getting into that right now” seven times in one interview; and had difficulty walking across a soccer field.

In case you missed his epic interview with the media on Sunday, we posted the full transcript here


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