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So what's going on with the defense?


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I didn't go or watch on Sat but in the car I heard Jax immediately answer with their own first possession TD. So if I am reading this recap properly, we need to score every time we have the ball because our defense is atrocious. Between the implosion of the D, and the war of words in the papers between Rex and the front office, this has all the makings of a 70's era soap opera just waiting for Rex to find a new place to live while Idzik is out scoping out new talent. The shared residence is not going to be a happy home and I feel bad for the kids.

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everyone looks at last night like the defense sucks. to a jaguars fan it looks like MJD made plays. That's what difference makers do. MJD would easily be the Jets 1 Tailback and maybe the best at the position since Curtis Martin.


 Even gabbert and their receivers made plays. We'd all take Justin Blackmon on the Jets. Gladly. 

Aren't good defenses supposed to stop playmakers? 


If I were a Jaguars fan, I would be wondering about the jets defense also.

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Three things stood out on the defense on Saturday:


1) Coples needs to improve at setting the edge against the run.  He was caught out of position several times.  Experience will help with that, and he even adjusted to it as the game went on.  Unfortunately his injury will delay his progression.


2) Damon Harrison was awful.  Completely failed to anchor the line, and didn't command double teams.  That weakens the whole middle of the defense tremendously.  


3) Milliner played poorly.  He was so-so in coverage, but terrible against the run.  On one run play in particular, he was unblocked, but allowed the runner to get outside along the sideline for a big gain.  If he had forced the runner inside, he would have been tackled for no gain by one of the linebackers.


Milliner and Coples' issues were due to inexperience. They can be fixed. But Harrison just flat-out got his ass kicked. 

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yea and he had a 20 yard catch and run down the sideline on 3rd and 2 that's a big play. 


since we are talking about it the Jags lost 37-13 last night. 


btw Rex is not throwing his good stuff at Gabbert. Look at what Pettine did to Christian Ponder and the Vikings, Rex has all the same stuff he's just sitting on it for now. 




Yeah, I am pretty shocked(not really) that so many posters are claiming that the sky is falling because we gave up a TD and 2 FGs in a preseason game.  That some would think that our #9 pick should just jog onto the field and after 1 week of camp and blanket WRs and be a tackling machine.  That our MLB isnt Harris Island when it comes to covering shifty RBs.  Gimme a break, enjoy the positives from the game and know that Rex is 100x more pissed about what went wrong with the defense as far as tackling and assignments goes. 


Rex's defense playing vanilla will get beat by a skilled vanilla offense at times.  Rex's scheme is what sets him apart from the rest.  bet on it!


37-13 man....37-13....

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