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Mafia forum off season chat thread


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I might set up another account at DM and play. Can I do that? Think the one I have now I'm pats fan tx,

But id like a new name. And then see if you can figure out who I am. It will be like a game within a game. I'll send the first person to figure it out $1000 cash.


I'm in.  Just have to watch for new members and who only post in the mafia game threads.


Easy money.

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I don't think I could play the bastard mod games.  I don't seem to enjoy them.  Bad enough when the other players try to screw you over.


I know the feeling.  But I don't screw my players over in my bastard games.  My way of bastard modding is making the game a puzzle that you need to figure out.  The setup is a static mafia game, but the puzzle pieces are dynamic and you need to figure it out before you lose.  Like a ticking time bomb, lol.

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