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Mafia forum off season chat thread

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5 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

I appreciate it, but it doesn't sound like my type of thing.

Well ok that's fine. I'm going to do my spiel anyway since I said I would but feel free to just ignore it if you want.


So basically Mafia is a forum game played by two teams: The Informed Minority (Mafia) and the Uninformed Majority (Town).

Mafia is trying to kill all the Townies and the Townies are trying to cleanse the game of Mafia.

The game is played in two phases Day and Night.


During the Day everyone talks and decides to kill someone (called a Lynch) via a simple majority vote. So if there are 10 players a simple majority is 6 votes. Once someone has enough votes they are considered Lynched and the game moderator will declare them dead and tell everyone whether they were Town or Mafia. Then the game goes to Night phase.


During the Night the Mafia team talk among themselves on a separate forum (we use the site Quiktopic but you could just do it via PMs if you wanted) and decide which Townie to kill. When they've decided they tell the game moderator who to kill and the moderator tells the rest of the game who died and then Day starts again.


Play continues until either all the Mafia have been lynched or enough Townies are dead that the Mafia team controls the vote and can no longer be lynched.


There are more intricacies that I could get into but that is the game at it's most basic.

Before you dismiss it I suggest trying it just once. We usually do themed games so instead of just Town and Mafia we'll be Jedi vs Sith or sh*t like that.

If you want I'll send you an invite when the next season starts and we'll play a newbie friendly game. Or not, up to you.

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I can only imagine how hard grad school must be. I just finished my first class at Arizona State online. They are accelerated classes and I thought the pace was gonna kill me. But I got an A, so it's worth it. Now I get about a week before the next class starts. Oh, boy! I have no idea how people work and go to college full time. I can barely manage part time. 

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