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Mafia forum off season chat thread

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8 hours ago, Nynaeve said:

I'm up for playing as long as you guys don't whine about my activity level.

Yes, I'm looking at you Nol 😛

Fine, as long as you make it clear from the outset what your activity level will be more or less.

8 hours ago, OH NO.....ITS ZANDER!!!!!! said:

Now someone hurry up and run a game!!!!


Yes, I'm looking at you Nol!!!!!


But I wanted to play. It's been awhile. :(

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Lets see how many do we have more or less?

Zander, Nyn, Spoot, 80, Crusher, CTM, Pac, Stark, Decker, GATA

So that's 10 assuming that all of these people are willing and able to play which is a big assumption since not all of them said so and most of them have only been spotted once or twice in the last month...

Buuuuuuuuut I guess I could go with that and see what happens.

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