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At home I am more of a SNY guy to watch sports news. But at work ESPN is on throughout the day. If I were not a Jet fan I would be rooting for them simply because of the onslaught from ESPN toward the Jets is relentless.  We are ranked dead last in the NFL power rankings. Why are we every other story on sportscenter, and frequent topics on all the garbage programing they have?


According to ESPN they should just give TB the W and we can ll save our time watching.


Although I say if all goes 100% perfect we could still only win 8 or 9,( most likely 6 or 7) I head into the season excited and overly optimistic.


I will be attending this game with My old man. And I could not be more excited. He will be moving to Fla next year so it will be harder to go to games with him. 


Enjoy the game tomorrow everyone!!!! Hopefully Geno will surprise us and can show us something. 


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am I the only one who never watches ESPN outside of live games?



i prefer Fox Sports Radio (Jay Mohr, Petros and Money, Ben Maller) or reading online content on other sites...i will say that ESPN.com is the fastest loading site for scores though.



look at ESPN's tv analysts:



Cris carter:  arrogant prick who brigns nothing to the table


Keyshawn:  a clone of Cris Carter


Mike Ditka:  Love him for what he's done historically but I could care less about listening to him now


Ted Bruschi:  Slobs all over the Patriots and Giants


Merrill Hodge:  Most worthless of them all.  Most worthless man at ESPN not named Skip Bayless


Hugh Douglas:  just got fired for calling Michael Smith an "uncle tom" at some convention...nuff said.


Chris Mortenson:  wishes he was as good at his job as Jay Glazier




Todd McShea:  same as Kiper


John Clayton:  I love that commercial of his where he is a metal head....i'll give him that.


Tom Jackson:  nothing bad to say about him.





and I know I am the only person on earth who likes Chris Berman, even if he is an ass :D

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Theirs an article about the jets win on pft. Their still hating on the Jets even after the win. Man if we make the playoffs, I can't wait for the sh*t storm that will happen across the media.

1st of all lets pump the brakes on playoffs and be happy about a week 1 win.

2nd if the Jets were to make the playoffs, those leetches in the media would have done their backtracking on how bad the Jets are a long time ago

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