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Official Game Thread Opening Day New York Jets vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 EST FOX


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It's going to be lumpy, but Geno sure does't look lost out there so far.


Agreed.  No way Sanchez doesn't pull the trigger on Gates in between 2 defenders.  That's like his favorite.


One of those where we didn't get into the EZ but I have little doubt that (if the same play unfolded the same way), we would have come away with zero.  Impossible to prove it, of course, but I've seen it go down just that way plenty.

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So far he isn't showing the accuracy, but I like that he isn't forcing it in.  That would have been picked off if he tried Gates running across the field.


(Then next play he makes a throw he shouldn't have, lol).  Oh well.


That was undoubtedly a very bad throw, but I'm still trying to figure out wtf Gates was doing.  He just completely stopped and never even made any sort of attempt to go for the ball.

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