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T'was the night before...

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T'was the night before gameday, and all on the net

Millions were asking, is Mark Sanchez gone yet.

The Jets fans were humbled, by the seasons before.

While slowly realizing that Woody's a whore.

He had used them and lied, like most often owners will.

While handing the Jets fans a reason to feel rather ill.

The season was lost, much sooner than it began.

Yet Idzik was saddled with a not so sure Rex Ryan.

Mark would soon sulk on the sidelines with no care.

While many Jet fans discussed the band upon his hair.

No Hotdogs, no buttfumbles, no Flight boys, no Bart Scott.

For this is a season that pride will fill us not.

Many dollars were spent on the gear and PSL's.

Woody doesn't care, as long as it sells.

While I wait for the season, all anxious with ants in my pants...

I must ask myself, why did I never root for the despicable Giants?

Go 2013 Jets! Please make me a fool for doubting you.

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