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Jets TiX for tomorrow!!!

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I just found out I have 6 extra tickets for the game tomorrow that I'm trying to sell. Im willing to sell for 300 or best offer. The seats are behind the endzone on the second level, 3 rows back. Ive sat everywhere in the stadium and I like this view the most, looks like a madden game....you can see al the routes unfold and everything. I will be able to give you the tix at the stadium. PM me if you are interested. J-E-T-S

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I can't stop laughing. I admire your effort good sir, but I'm going down with about 14 people tomorrow, all but 10 of whom don't have tickets, and we won't spend more than $5-10 a pop on one.

I admire you though!

$5?? thats alot of money to watch those fagbags called the Jets run around

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Miami is full of Jets fans. My sister went to Barry U for a year and said there were a lot of young - mid 20's Jets fans down there...which is surprising to me because I thought the only people from around here down there were retired but apparently there are a lot of Jets fans down in the Miami area.

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