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****The Official New York Jets VS Tennessee Titans Game Thread****


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Geno's numbers are still not that bad 23/34 = 67.6% completion, 289 yards and 1 touchdown ...he just needs to calm down and be more careful with the ball (2 fumbles and 2 INTs) but that's hard to do when your o-linemen are turnstiles

 This is the problem.  Half of that came in garbage time when the game was already out of reach for this team.    Great he had a bunch of yards and a TD in a 24-6 game late in the 4th quarter.   Thats the problem with stats.  When the game was still a game, he sucked.

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The worst part about this patriots' game right now, is that we have to play a 1-3 Atlanta team, in Atlanta on Monday Night, when they will literally be playing for their season.  I know their record shouldn't change how they play, but you never want to have to play a team that is desperate, especially one as explosive as them.  With Jackson most likely still out, their ground came can easily be contained, but they just have too many weapons to cover.  If Geno doesn't turn the ball over it'll be a close one, but if he does anything like today then it will be worse than what we faced today; Matty ice and those guys can hang up crooked numbers quickly.

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