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I humbly eat sh*t with all that Simms talk today

Nice job!

The defense's Achilles heel.   Can't cover TE, can't catch easy picks. 

The penalties we take are retarded.

Nice throw by Geno there, even though he stared Cumby down


In man to man coverage you can stare down the intended reciever, but that sh*t don't work when you play defenses like the Pats who play zone, and are coached to exploit this!

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It certainly was. He makes a couple of those every game. He's quite intriguing. THis Geno Smith.

Yes he is. He's bounced back nicely this far.

///crosses fingers he stays hot

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Brilliance, who is my avatar?


Oops didn't look at your little thingy. Just read your post, genius. I apologize, Einstein. I won't ever respond to one of your posts again, Tesla. Why not type what you mean, Copernicus instead of using irony, Nietzsche?

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Nice to see a receiver make an adjustment in the air to a not great throw. Need more of that with an inaccurate young QB.


I'm pretty sure that was where Geno wanted to throw the ball, if he throws it inside it can get picked, outside only his guy can make the catch.

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