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We will witness a record breaking game tonight where a rookie QB is allowed to throw 7 picks, 2for TD's and three fumbles which are all lost and one for a TD.


The D gives up 0 pts..... they don't have to.

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Calling Antonio Cromartie, Calling Antonio Cromartie - the Jets are looking for you.  Can you come and play 2012 Football today and not look like a complete fool all night vs. Julio Jones????





Why on earth the Jets didn't trade Cromartie this offseason along with Revis is baffling to me, I couldn't draw up a better scenario to get way more than a guy is worth than the one Cromartie presented the Jets, dude was named 1st team all-pro, has 2 years on his deal at a very reasonable price tag, and only 1 of the years is guaranteed, so if he sucks the following season the team has an out after 2013.  The Jets front office (not Rex) knew this was a 2-3 year process, and Cromartie will not be part of that team in 2015, and they showed a much bigger commitment to building from the interior the last few years. 


The Jets blew a chance at getting a 1st round pick in the 2014 draft for Cromartie from a team that thought they were a CB away from competing, they would also keep their 1st in 2013 to go along with Cromartie so giving up their 1st in 2014 would be an easy choice because their thinking is it will be in the late 20's, and hopefully 32nd, a team like the Lions, Packers, Saints, or Cowboys are a few teams off the top of my head that might have been interested in exploring something like this.  Big, Big mistake by Idzik here. 

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Getting pumped for a loss!!!

Really want to see how Geno bounces back after a stinker. More concerned about improvement from that perspective than a win.

I feel like this the case every week. How will Geno respond from sucking? Will he bounce back from being terrible? Eventually he just needs to stop being awful.

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