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I humbly eat sh*t with all that Simms talk today

Nice job!

The defense's Achilles heel.   Can't cover TE, can't catch easy picks. 

so #65 is standing in the endzone but somehow that isn't a penalty. 

We are the Jets, remember? Ineligible receiver is not a penalty when it happens against us.   We get an catch call incomplete if we produces the fumble and the other way around.

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I really hope we don't need a third timeout at the end of this half (more likely a second cause I'm sure he will waste another dumb one before a possible two minute drill) or need a second challenge late in the game on something that actually would be overturned.


we'll see, but the latter isn't nearly as big of a concern as it used to be considering every major play is automatically reviewed now, which is my only real point.  Not even really defending Rex, because I'm rather indifferent to him at this point, just rather making the point that challenges aren't anywhere near as big of a deal as they used to be, and can be used much more liberally.

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all those first rounders on the line paying off

If the Falcons figure out running is a waste of time but they can burn the Jets' secondary all day and they cannot cover a TE, the Jets will lose by 3 TDs. Failing to get 7 on that drive didn't help either.

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