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I find this site to be very similar to golf; there gets to be a point where I just can't stand it, be it for your slice, the fact that you can't putt, the man driving the beer-cart instead of hot jail-bait, whatever.  If you take a little time off to just relax and get away from it, the annoying things usually fade away and it becomes a good time again.  Granted I only play a couple times a year, but I'm sure that analogy works for some of the retired crowd. 

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I wish to advise the forum administrator and posters that I intend to keep posting here. It is a grest place for drunkards with a NY Jets football issue to have a free and open exchange of ideas and opinions. Even the the stupid, moronic, self-important and usually wrong ones. As a married man I an often branded as WRONG. At least here I am in my mind often correct and when wrong I have company. some of it even good and pleasant.

Falcons, 35, Jets 13. See in the gamethread with some highfalutin bitching about all things Jets.

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