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Jets \ Browns: Official Game Thread


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Excellent recognition, check-off and throw. Too bad we already wrote the book on him ending week 13.


  The problem with the final weeks of a season is some players are playing out the string and others are trying to fight for a job.    Thinking a player is good or bad in these types of games is like thinking a team will be good because they went 4-0 in preseason.      There are plenty of teams who suddenly win 4 in a row to end a season and next season looks good.   Except it means nothing.  Only to players and coaches fighting for a job.  


 I like to see them win both games, but taking anything from these games is kind of pointless.   Whether they lose 50-0 or win 50-0 doesn't really matter as far as next year is concerned or whether or not some players can play.   

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