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The other question besides Rex...


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A valid point. 




Cowher did last for about 15 years before he won a title.  But he did have sustained success and at least had won an AFC title in 1996.  Meanwhile, Tomlin won 2 titles. 


Doing things the "right way" means recognizing that a coach who always seem to have his team in contention and has the ability to take the team to the next level is indeed important.  But unfortunately we don't have that infrastructure in place.  We have Woody Johnson.  Sucks.

Think without a doubt Wrecks' firing for 5 yearsa of treating offense like an afterthought is overdue. But your last thought is out biggest problem-WOODY f__ing JOHNSON IS THE BIGGEST PART OF THE PROBLEM.
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Let's try this: you guys dig up a reputable source that says we were going to win 3 games this year, and we'll go from there.


Pat Kirwan of CBS sports said Jets would win 4 games.  Close enough?



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Of course you play the season.  Point is, most sports predictors had the Jets in the 3 or 4 win category, so Rex's coaching job this year getting them to 7 or possibly more wins means he did a good job given the talent on the team.  Not to mention a rookie QB throwing to a receiving corps that was patchwork when healthy, and then became decimated by injuries.  By the end of the season, our receivers were guys Manpower sent over.

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