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This years draft picks and FAs

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Winters had a monster game today. Richardsons TD was all Winters, with a crushing block on the linebacker. He was beastly in the running game was getting the job done at the second level. A very shaky rookie season ends with an excellent effort. Hopefully this is a sign of him developing into a very good lineman

Milliner was tested early and often both this week and last. Again, he stood up to the challenge of matching up with the opponents best WR and more than holding his own, with a few hiccups. An int puts an explanation point on his roller coaster season

Richardson ends a great rookie season with a TD and a solid defensive effort

Bohannon has been a solid blocking back with the ability to run and catch. A far more versatile and athletic FB than his predecessor, the Terminator.

Geno smith still holds the ball too long and is late on his throws. But he's shown progress and hasn't been the turnover machine he was earlier in the season. He also seems to have found his legs and is running better, and throwing the ball away more. Not bad for a second round rookie.

Ivory has been an excellent addition to the running game and should have a sound future here for seasons to come.

Nelson has been a boon to this offense, becoming one of Genos most reliable targets.

Landry has been solid but unspectacular, as has Reed. Both have given the defensive backfield veteran leadership and experience.

Colon has been an above average stopgap and may get a few more seasons on this squad. Again, solid but unspectacular.

Overall, there have been more hits than misses, with at least two "incompletes" in Goodson and Winslow

I think Idzik has this team moving in the right direction personnel-wise. And with all the cap clearing in the offseason, he's set to really put his stamp on this team in 2014. Personally, I'm pretty impressed so far.

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Ur crazi besides the d line this team needs help everywhere. Beating 2 bad teams doesn't impress me. They have 8 really bad loses they also have the worst point dif of any 500 team !

Of course they need help everywhere. This thread is about the new GM and what his personnel decisions have accomplished. You've responded to something that was never stated in the OP. so...Ur crazi.

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