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Idzik's decision making


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Since he was hired every decision he's made has been scrutinized and most have been severely criticized, yet most have worked out quite well:


1. Revis trade:  His first move, probably forced by Woody, definitely forced by economics.  Revis injured, no one thought we had any leverage but he got a 1st rounder out of it, which turned out to be Richardson, who just may be DROY.  Revis had an up and down year, certainly not at pro bowl level, and team he played for stinks.  Plus he cost 16 million.  Certainly a win win for Jets

2. Ivory trade:  4th rounder and a 3yr 6million price tag for an unproven, injury prone player.  Still struggled with his health in training camp and certain times during the year but showed himself to be a solid, at times stud type of RB who breaks more tackles in one game than Thomas Jones or  Shonn Greene did in a whole season.  Certainly an economical quality RB who solidifies the position for the next 2 years.  Another win for Jets.

3. Goodson signing.  Severely criticized because of the gun and drug arrest early on but I think he handled the player's situation with skill, making sure he got proper rehab, keeping his medical situation confidential, and limiting the circus nature of the whole thing.  Goodson actually showed flashes of being a really good player but unfortunately got injured early so this decision didn't work out.

4.  Draft:  Every pick except Richardson has been criticized, with the bust label liberally applied to Geno, Milliner, and Winters but as we end the season every one has showed some upside. Geno has improved and showed flashes that he could actually be a franchise QB, certainly a good value for a 2nd rounder.  Milliner has played solid the last few games, and has showed some good ball skills with 3 ints in last 2 games. Winters has improved dramatically and could be a solid starter for years to come.  Obviously too early to judge this draft but after 1 year it certainly looks promising.

5. FA signings:  Colon: an up and down year but still solid and brings some attitude to the offense which it sorely needs.  Pace:  Had one of his best years as a Jet.  David Nelson:  Very solid addition to depleted receiver unit and basically picked up off the scrap heap.   Dawon Landry:  Solid play at safety this year.  

6. Keeping Rex:   Obviously time will tell but I like the way he went about it. He took the whole year to evaluate, kept an open mind about not having to have his own guy,  and I think made the right decision with a very young team that needs some continuity.  He also influenced Rex to be a much more professional, less bombastic coach, and changed the culture of the organization which was a laughing stock "circus" to  one which is now getting at least a little respect.  Even the NY press was campaigning to keep Rex at the end.


Overall, with severe financial limitations, started rebuilding while still maintaining competitiveness, and has lots of money to start infusing real talent at the skill  positions next year.  His decisions may get tougher next year, and it certainly is way too early to say he is a great GM, but I think he is certainly off to a great start.

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He doesn't seem to need the credit, but I think Idzik is making the decisions.  Woody can recognize the smartest guy in the room.e in to a situation with few



Agreed.  He came into a situation without the resources needed to make a huge immediate impact.  In addition to the minor trade/FA moves, the first thing he did after the draft was to clean house and hire his own scouting team. I think this was a season largely for evaluation and that Idzik is fully in charge going forward.  

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