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Reasons to root for the Seahawks on Sunday.


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So WOODY gets to witness up close what I am now calling the IRONY BOWL:




1. Our most heated rival

2. Their coach told WOODY to shove it, on a FREAKING napkin

3. A JET created thier first ballot HOF QB (Mo Lewis)






1. Has a former JET Head Coach

2. Has the JETS next head coach: Bevell


Watch and learn WOODY.

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Sure why not.

I'm sick of Brady and Manning.

I like Russ Wilson as the overachieving 5'10" star QB.

I like Marshawn Lynch going into beast mode.

I would pay a million dollars to see Gostkowski miss a SB game winner and see Carroll give him and BB his signature choke sign as time runs out.

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Pros for rooting for Seattle:

1) nicest people I have ever met on a road trip, they deserve.

2) very cool city

3) legal pot

4) Russell Wilson


cons for rooting for Seattle:

1) players, especially on defense, are the biggest punks in the league. They trash talk and act like they have multiple rings when they haven't done sh*t EVER.

2) Carroll should take his rah rah crap and go back to college...oh yea, he isn't allowed.

3) as far as crowd noise, I have been to UM games that were louder.

4) US capital of craft beers. I HATE CRAFT BEERS 

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The only team that I have been and will continue to actively root for is the Broncos, other than that, I don't particularly care who wins. Always have liked Manning and would definitely like to see him get his second ring, solidifying his position as the greatest QB of our era. It also doesn't hurt that it will piss off the greater new england area. Their tears are the elixir to my happiness.  

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