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Jets and Rex reach "multi-year" extension, per Schefter

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In defense of Rex being extended, Cowher coached for 14 years before winning it all.  While Cowher's coaching record is off the charts, his mark as an all-time great coach would have been marred without winning the big one.  Idzik MUST change the structure of the offense for Rex to have a chance to succeed.   

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I'm rarely wrong.

Did anyone else have dreams of Rex hoisting the Lombardi trophy followed by a warm embrace with him an Idzik on the podium, crying, laughing and fondling each other?

Great.  So the Vikings decided Mike Zimmer was a better choice (I agree with them), and the Redskins hired a guy who was coaching in the UFL just a few years ago.     Also the Lions decided coaching

 Strip away the complexities of the deal, and here’s what remains: Ryan guaranteed himself a few more million dollars (his 2015 salary).



But his seat hasn’t cooled. It’s still simmering.



So, Rex will have to bet on Rex, which is the closest thing to a sure thing in his mind.



just a few more million dollars


what is that? pfft. chump change. 


this article focuses on a worst case for Rex


best case they go to the playoffs next year and Rex gets every dollar in incentives possible. \


the article says what hes entitled to if/when he's fired but it doesn't say what he gets if they go to the playoffs. 

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I could have done better than Tanny using the old DART BOARD method for picking players. And his contracts? WOW, you could get some dude off the street like that EDDIE MURPHY movie, where they get him off the street and he turns fortunes on Wall Street.


Being a GM is about 50% luck, and 50% GOOD luck.

I am 99% convinced that you are the greatest troll of all time.

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