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I feel the same, but a whole bunch of that stems from finishing strong.  He had that big swoon in midseason that was brutal.  If he had ended the season performing the way he did in the first Dolphins game instead of the second I would feel way worse about him.  Even with identical stats.  

im with you guys give this kid some talent and let him have all the reps in practice, we could have something

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... And now it's all the personal fault. So he had nothing to do with anything it's cause he had no receivers ?


This is correct.  This receiving corps was a motley group reminiscent of an expansion team in the years before free agency allowed quality players to change teams.  Then it got hurt and even worse players took their place.


No. 1    Holmes.  Never fully back from Lisfranc injury, questionable attitude.

No. 2    Hill.   Little output rookie year, was hoping for development.  Nice first 3 games, then El Tanko.

No. 3  Kerley  Very nice little player, not a number 1 and maybe not really a number 2


After that we get Clyde Gates who couldn't catch until his last game, when he achieved functionality only to immediately sustain a season ending injury. Then a call to Manpower yielded the subs, one of whom, David Nelson, began to show some life given time to get used to the offense.


TE   Kellen Winslow did all right when he wasn't serving a suspension.  Jeff Cumberland began to come around until he too got injured.


Rookie QB's need help, people to consistently make good plays for them to keep them from going off track.  Anybody who says this crew fits that bill just isn't being honest.


I look forward to seeing Geno next year throwing to people he can have confidence in and watching those people respond.  Unlike baseball, where you can just plug people into their position and let them play, a football team is a cohesive unit that must grow together beginning in training camp.

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Well it gets interesting if he somehow falls past the Vikings at 8.  Granted teams can (and probably will try to) trade up but look at the run from 9-17


9 - Bills: Stay with Manuel

10 - Lions: No chance

11 - Titans: Possible but have bigger needs and probably stay with Locker

12 - Giants: Can't see them going this way no matter how bad Eli was last season

13 - Rams: Biggest threat but word is they are committed to Bradford for now

14 - Bears: Not with Cutler staying

15 - Steelers: No chance

16 - Cowboys - Romo is staying

17 - Ravens - No chance


So granted there are 6 teams that probably should be strongly considering a QB, and possibly 4 QBs that could be drafted high in the first round.  But if Bortles, Carr and Manziel get snapped up first, and three of them go in other directions (e.g. Browns go WR, OAK goes anybody fast, and TB or MIN go OL) then that's how Bridgewater gets down to 10.  From there it's anybody's guess.  Could Carr go ahead of Teddy?  Doubtful but with teams like the Vikings and Raiders drafting up there, who knows.


Having said all that, on the 1% chance he falls, I'd be fine with the Jets taking a shot but I'm not holding my breath and I think we're better off finally building up the skill positions around the QB and going back to the well next year if we need to.

If he does get past #8 and the Vikings, then the team trading up should be the JETS. It wouldnt take much to get to 9 or 10, and then we would be guaranteed of getting him if he is dropping, and not have to worry that he makes it all the way to #18.

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Holmes ($10.8 million cap charge), quarterback Mark Sanchez ($13.1 million) and cornerback Antonio Cromartie ($15 million). By cutting those three players, the Jets would create $26.1 million in additional cap room, putting them more than $40 million over the salary cap. There probably will be interest in re-signing Cromartie for a lesser amount. 


?  Is  this a typo?  or is it good to be 40 million over the cap?

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