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Woman charged for allowing 14 year old to drive drunk


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Woman Charged For Allegedly Allowing Drunk 14-Year-Old To Drive

POSTED: 10:25 am EST March 29, 2005

ORLEANS TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- A Michigan woman had the right idea when she decided not to drive drunk. But she had the wrong idea when she allegedly gave her keys to her 14-year-old nephew, who police say was also intoxicated.

Authorities say an officer noticed a parked car on the shoulder of the roadway. They say when he approached the vehicle, he saw the teenage boy behind the wheel, the woman asleep on the passenger side and three teens in the backseat.

Police say the woman wanted the boy to drive her to a gas station. But the car ran out of fuel before they arrived.

The woman is facing charges.


old article, i never posted it :(

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