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Richardson NFL DROY


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New York Jets rookie defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson, the 13th pick in this past year’s draft, has won the NFL league honor Defensive Rookie of the Year award according to the NFL’s twitter page:

JetNation had a chance to ask former Jets defensive “All-Pro” lineman Joe Klecko if Richardson would win the award he said, “I think he deserves it hands down .” Looks like Klecko was right.

Richardson had a terrific rookie year emerging as a force in the Jets young talented defensive front ending the year with 78 tackles, 3.5 sacks and a forced fumble while the defense ranked third in rushing years allowed.

Congratulations to Sheldon Richardson first New York Jet to win this honor since Jonathan Vilma in 2004.

You can continue to talk about Richardson’s award in our

Jetnationcom?d=yIl2AUoC8zA Jetnationcom?d=qj6IDK7rITs

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Using the announcement of Sheldon being the DROY is kind of a weird time to complain about the Jets not being in the playoffs isn't it?

Well said..... SOJF. Reminds me of the "Peanuts" character who's always walking around with a storm cloud over his head!


Way to go Sheldon!

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Bryan Schultz · The School Of Hard Knocks

Kiko stats 159 tackles ranked 3rd 4ints ranked tied for 11th and 2 sacks

Sheldon stats 77 tackles 3.5 sacks ranked 119th in league
Don't get me wrong Sheldon is good and will be good for years to come. But this deserves a Come On Man!!!!!!
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Good for him but I really don't care ! Means nothing to me when you don't make the playoffs and ur out of it with 3 weeks left !!

All the more impressive for Sheldon that he got notice on a bad roster.

Vegas had the jets at 5 Or 6 wins. And Im glad he won but he isn't helping our offense out which is why we are 8-8

I guess you failed to notice who the Jets' premier goal line was back this season.

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That people haven't figured out that NCJETSFAN is a troll is beyond me.

Troll FYI I've been a jet season ticket holder snice 1982 ! I've moved to NC and still have tickets ! I've have spent alot of ge rooting and hoping for a consistent winner . So if I'm not all happy about every move or award unless its the Lombardi trophy it has little interst to me .

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