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well today will be the day that draft positions are set for the turd teams. here is a little article I found to sum it up so us fans with hangovers can do the least amount of thinking as possible

Top pick down to wire... Who gets the #1 pick at the 2006 draft won't be decided until late this afternoon. Houston will get the top pick this year, and the chance to select star Southern California junior Reggie Bush, if the Texans lose in San Francisco in one of the day's late afternoon games. A win by the Texans over the 49ers, however, and New Orleans, the Jets, Green Bay and san Francisco would all still be technically in contention, as long as the Jets, Saints and Packers also lose. The Jets will be hosting Buffalo later today, while the Saints will be at Tampa Bay and the Packers host Seattle. Again given a Houston win over the 49ers, the top pick will go to the team with three wins which has played the weakest schedule this year. And right now, that would be New Orleans. As of this morning, that is, with yesterday's results factored in, the Saints opponents have won a combined 125 games, while the figure is 128 for Houston, 129 for the Jets, 130 for Green Bay and 132 for the 49ers. Since there usually is little change in that variation on a Week-to-week basis it would appear that Houston and New Orleans have the best chance to end up with the #1 pick. Indeed, it would take a rather unusual set of circumstances for the Jets, Packers or 49ers to end up with the top pick, although in sports anything can happen and even every once in a while does.

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