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The Curse of the Black Pearl - Mafia - game over


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that sucks.. 


vote AVM


just a feeling


So far CTM's voting patterns have been:


D1: vote and parked on Ape through JiF's death.  Then this vote (where he stayed through the lynch of Verb):



If we are going off activity.. then kill ishy or lily..


I can see the merit of making the game active and fun.



Vote Ishy



Day two...



vote APE



the time has come


Again with the Ape vote


I can get behind a Lily run up for sure.. 


for now



vote Pac


The flip flop on verbal was suspect...  Almost seemed like the scum team prodded him to jump on the train and end the day.


Quickly off and to another easy vote


wtf.. why are you trying to eliminate who has the coin? The post above makes a lot more sense if it was made in the scum chat.


Is it possible that nolder can be this obvious?



fwiw.. I think it's unlikely that scum started the game with the coin, so unless someone counters pac, I'm going to believe him



vote Nolder



"ZOMG HOW CAN YOU DO THIS?!" Super pro-town post. Blegh.


Day 3:


that sucks.. 


vote AVM


just a feeling


Suddenly has a feeling.  This "feeling" isn't based off what the Ape said yesterday by any chance, is it?  Because that's not a feeling...that's following.  And you didn't have a "feeling" at all on D2.

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Lily, you simply haven't offered much this game. I agree with you that Ishy has been scummy, but unlike you I presented a case. Do you have additional thoughts on that?


And again, this is the most aggressive you've been since the Inception game.  


Checked that PM yet?  What about the one from CTM telling you to join the QT link in the PM from Leelou?

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Lily, you simply haven't offered much this game. I agree with you that Ishy has been scummy, but unlike you I presented a case. Do you have additional thoughts on that?


Okay. I see that. I don't have a case at the moment, or not much of one, just a read. I'll see if I can fix that. 

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I'm going to go through all Ishy's serious posts this game and see what we see. 


vote count

Ape (4) - Nolder, CTM, Smash, Crusher
Pac (2) -Ape, JiF
80 (2) - AVM, Verbal
CTM (1) - Lily
JiF (1) - Pac

With 12 alive, it takes 7 for a short drop and sudden stop.


Vote count before his first vote. 



Vote Crusher


Reasons stated. Let's see if this gets the game rolling a bit... 


Ape votes (added for clarity on the vote count.)

Somewhere below your knees, amirite?

Vote 80.

Competeing trains ftw.


Nice bus vote. 


And yet this game......hmmm.


In response to Ape's referencing last game. 


Could have easily been Town. Vig's have many reasons they would take a shot early, kickstarting the game being just one. And no, this isn't a softclaim, I didn't shoot Jif.


His opinion on the vig's action.

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In response to 80 voting him.


Omgus much?


Vote count before Ishy's next vote.



vote count


Verbal (4) - Nol, Ape, Lily, Smash

80 (2) - Ishy, Verbal

Ishy (2) - CTM, 80

Pac (2) - Crusher, AVM


not voting - Pac

With 11 alive, it takes 6 for a short drop and sudden stop.




Verb getting run up to L-2 in three hours stinks. There's scum on that train fo sho.

Unvote. Vote Smash.



If CTM were the shooter the Ape would have been dead before a single word came out of his fat face.


The below post is in reply to the above post. 




Explanation of his vote.


Nolder's vote actually had a little logic behind it, Ape getting onboard when he did just seems like his usual D1 beating the grass. That left Lily and Smash as the momentum voters. I'd vote either of them right now.

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The new, angry and confrontational Crush is a little terrifying.

And arousing.



Why would you shoot Jif when there was no deadline and he was already at least halfway to being lynched? Makes no sense to me.


Below a response to above. 


The actual odds of him being lynched were slim to none. Almost every vote was for lulz.



Ishy and CTM:  Both scum.


Again, the below was response to above. Just because he says 80's wrong, he must be, right?

Wrong on at least one count you turd.

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Vote Count 


Nolder (1) - Pac


With 10 alive, it takes 6 to lynch


Vote count before this vote


My thoughts exactly.

Vote Nolder.



Since when?

Nolder challenges Ishy's vote and Ish replies. 


Since Verb's flip.



Or maybe I was trying to get them to shoot at me by letting them know I was vulnerable dummy.

Great job spoiling that though.


Challenging Nolder

Trying to earn back some Town cred after leading the lynch on the Town Vig?

Yeah, no.



Nope, read CTM, Pac and AVM as Town. Their thoughts on the stupidity of lynching Verb line up with mine, to a greater or lesser extent.

You, Nolder, Smash, Lily. I'd string up any of you happily.

Gives his reads


Weird, because I seem to recall AVM patiently and logically weighing the pros and cons of lynching Verb before he ultimately decided not to. And Lily was quick to jump on the Verb train and only unvoted when called out on the scumminess of her vote. By me.

Cool story though bro.

Don't like this post and say so and why below. This post is the primary reason I'm voting him. 


Ishy, I voted Verb before his reveal and unvoted after it. I was against his lynch once he revealed. You are twisting things and I don't like it. You just jumped up my list. 


Vote Ishy

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Back to my original.  Unvote vote Ishy



Accuses 80 of tunneling. 


Dark down in that tunnel? Care to even put together a bullsh*t case? Or gonna keep talking out yer ass?



Vote Ishy


To me.

You're a real one trick pony this game, you know that?



I am not scum. I don't think CTM is either. But I think you're right on Lily.



So you think Lily is scum, yet you're voting the dude she's been tunneling for the past two days? Your logic is astounding.

There's that word tunneling again. His favorite word this game, apparently. 


My vote is on Lily, skimmer.



So it is, so it is.

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So far, the only people Ishy has gone after (except 80) have flipped town. But the most damning, like I said, is his revisionist history post. At this point, I think he and 80 are scum and have done a great job of playing off one another. 

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Sorry - got sucked into the main board, and been chilling with the family.


My gut says Ishy, 80, AVM or CTM right now. Not a fan of the way Ishy keeps pushing factual inaccuracy as accusation. I've been wifom'ing myself about the sloppiness of it, but I almost feel like he's "waving his scum dick" in our faces to see what he can get away with. I'm getting that from 80 too.


AVM and CTM have both played extremely clean games. AVM got on board with the lynch the vig logic - while CTM chastised it after the fact. Now they are pointing at each other, after Nolder pointed at the two of them. Ishy and 80 are my tier 1. CTM and AVM tier 2. 


Vote Ishy


I'm also taking into consideration that Ishy was this obvious as scum last game too.

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