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Throne of Dust: Day 5


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Everyone looked around, "Lily sympathized with the stupid ape, and he was scum. She has to be a spy also." Pac screamed in what would politely be called a screeching voice of an old maid. Whipping up the mob mentality the group massed around Lily and tied her up hand and foot. Having her drawn up they decided to quarter her as well. Sparing the gruesome details, Lily lay on the ground in four pieces.

Lily - Townie has been lynched

4. Contessa Lisbet Horas, Holder of several prominent estates, Contessa is the old King's fourth wife. Unable to produce the king an heir she was banished from court, however she has a new man and rumors have it she's with child.

Alignment: Town

Role: Lovely Saboteur

Role Descreption: You have a continuous ability to steal someone's vote. Every day no matter what time, PM me a message including the person who's vote you'd like to steal and where you'd like it to go. Their name will show in the vote count wherever you place their vote

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