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Throne of Dust: Day 5


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Keep throwing your sh*t on the wall see where it gets you .


No matter how much you toot your horn and pound your chest The only game you did anything to get me was the last one and I said nothing on day one to draw attention as scum nothing at all. You took a shot, you got lucky in a game where 50 % of the players were scum 




You aren't any good at trolling me. At all.

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So this is how it starts. A group of entitled men and women for the most part, gathering in a room to play petty politics for an over glorified chair. Yet the backstabbing and arguing began, maybe it was word of the spies sent to take over the kingdom, or maybe it was the thought of the proximity of power either way, the Kingmaker Game had begun, and what better way to start it then with a death.

Most the crowd selected JiF he had been acting suspicious and he needed to go. The strung him up quickly, but people were crying out, "We need a majority, have you lost your civility?" But that got drowned out as the crowd hanged JiF until dead from the rafters.

JiF - Spy (mafia) has been lynched

3. You are Devi Fagus, a spy from king Asher it's your mission to see the kingdom securely under your kings belt. You have no special ability. You win with The mafia.

Role: Role-less

Role Description: N/A




This happening >>>>>>> the meetings I spent my morning in


JIF's emo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all.

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I asked nicely...do it again and I'll blow this game wide open.


You're lucky I have to leave or I'd spend 20 minutes crafting an elaborate montage of crying babies sounds and photos.


In the meantime do us a favor and zip it..  you're dead.

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Especially if you guys are going to lynch the Ape.  Without the Ape to argue with, JiF to laugh at and Smash as town I'll get really sad, lonely, and depressed.


Maybe 80's scum...though I don't think so.


80, you scum this game?

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When JiF inevitably makes his return we will forever refer to him as Fagus.


Come to think of it, you shooting Verb last game is one of the main reasons we lost.  I'm renewing the rivalry this game....you damn dirty seachicken.

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