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Great sleeper for the Jets at RB

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This kid was a triple option QB at Georgia Southern, but he's got a serious future as a tailback in the NFL.  I'd love to see the Jets steal him with a 4th rounder.  He'd be their best RB eventually, IMO.




Didn't we cut this dude last year? Oh wait, that was Tebow.

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I like McKinnon's upside better.  Is Grice totally healthy?  Didn't do anything at the combine.


His broken leg is "healing nicely", but it seems that every injury nowadays heals nicely.  He's going to hold his own private pro-day on the 8th so he can get training time in before running.  

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The last triple option guy we drafted was Stephen Hill.




Big difference when it's a receiver.  This kid can play.  Hill was a huge projection and a project for sure.  I would not give up on Hill just yet.  Give him a second year in a decent offense.  If he flops, then move on.

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He looks like a pussy that loses all effectiveness once someone touches him.

I disagree , i'm of the belief that a pu##y does not lose all effectiveness once being touched
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