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1050 espn radio: Law and abraham WONT be back next season!!


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thats what was said on the post game show today. whioh pretty much sucks because they are our 2 best players.

law- makes too much money next year

abraham- doesnt want to play here.

i am not confident at all that bradway will rebuild this team and i think that us jets fans may be in for many more years of misery.

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Can you blame Abraham?Would you want to come back to an organization run into the ground by idiots?

Is Law getting any younger or cheaper?

The Jets finished in last place in the AFC East, 4th worst in the NFL, with thes guys and their cap hits. They could barely do worse without them.

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our salary cap situation is a disaster. that is one of the reasons i said in my previous post that i think that the next few years can be rough.

curtis martin is coming off of surgery and not getting any younger. who will our running back be, and will he be effective?

we do not have a quarterback.

our receivers are average at best.

our offensive line.... insert comment here ________

law and abraham were our two best players, but you can also say that we need the cap space. who knows?? IMO just a big disaster with J-E-T-S written all over it.

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