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Jets all over Vick


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I have never seen such vitriol for any man, ever. It's really incredible.

What Vick did was reprehensible, but not unique. Humans have been abusing animals, to varying degrees, for millennia. We have genetically engineered animals to perform specific functions, to do work... thereby increasing human productivity, and human profits. Generally, we have inflicted some form of pain on the animal in order to get it to obey our command, and to perform. Intimidation. Whether it's hauling bricks across the ancient desert, digging vermin out of holes, racing around a track, plowing the fields, or performing in a circus ring. Or, unfortunately, fighting to the death. If an animal doesn't perform its designed function very well, historically... it has been killed. If it no longer produces milk, or gets sick due to poor living conditions (which we provide), it is often slaughtered. Considered useless.

Hell, we have a long history of forcing HUMANS into labor, war, and organized fights to the death. It's a human fascination. We have had human cleansing campaigns, for goodness sake. Mass slaughter of our OWN SPECIES, for no good reason. Additionally, since the last time Michael Vick "murdered" a dog, there have been some 5 million HUMAN murders worldwide. Why is everyone still so hung up on Michael Vick? I guess because he also happens to possess world class athletic ability.

In our modern society, we like to think we are above bloodsport... but, sadly, we aren't. There will continue to be war, genocide, and crime. There will continue to be box-office movies glorifying battle. We will continue to have the Hunger Games. We will always find creative ways to pit two men (or two women) against each other, in combat. We glorify the big hits, the knockouts. The blood on the canvas, and teeth on the ice. We playback the injuries in slow motion, and watch people get "jacked up!". We are bloodthirsty. It's our nature.

Vick took it too far, but I do believe he was at least partially a product of his environment. Sometimes when you grow up around something, that something is just a part of the culture. An accepted practice that just... Is. The smartest might question it's merits, but most will just follow along. Dog fighting is a fact of life in parts of the country. It just is. Maybe you hate dog fighting, but have a strong affinity for your twice daily triple bacon cheeseburger habit and taxidermy. What if Vick doesn't eat pork because he owns a pet piglet? Who's the better person in this instance? You cannot force anyone to agree with your personal set of morals as it pertains to protecting one animal and savagely stuffing another species in your mouth, or mounting one above your fireplace. Everyone values animal life differently.

Michael Vick paid a price arguably greater than ANY single animal abuser in the history of mankind. This is significant, and should be recognized. The same people who call Vick the most disgusting human scum would often like to see a bunch of dogs rip him apart for the world to see. So much for your moral superiority there!

Oddly, people think the man shouldn't be allowed to play football anymore, which is in itself the modern American bloodsport. Who plays football? Mostly poor kids looking to get out of the ghetto, while in the process risking life, limb, early Alzheimers for the sake of your ENTERTAINMENT from the comfort of your couch or luxury skybox. Modern day gladiators, in many respects.

If you're so morally superior to Michael Vick, and you love animals so damn much, then you'd better not be caught dead eating a Big Mac, taking medication, wearing stylish leather shoes, doing up your hair using animal-tested products. If you really believe we are one with all animals, that we aren't at the top of the food chain, then go live in the woods with no clothes, no shelter. Hang out naked with a bunch of wild bears and compete for food and territory the way nature must have intended. Give up your home, your human everything, and oh yeah, your pet animals too. You know, the ones that you OWN, because you are the species with the bigger brain.

Leave Michael Vick alone. He broke the law, and paid his debt. In our society he is now free to earn back his life and his reputation. It will take work. It will likely take the rest of his life in the eyes of many. Just remember, he didn't harm his fellow man, not did he kill your darling Fluffy. Though your pet does vaguely resemble the animals he brutalized, insofar as they are both canines, they are not the same thing.



lol.....so now we're comparing killing animals for food to murdering dogs that some mmoron decided weren't good enough to win dog fights to the death? i'm sorry but this argument is beyond stupid


i especially love the part where you basically say......if you are opposed to vick having drowned helpless puppies and dogs then you better not have the nerve to eat a hamburger. seriously? lol

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I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain...Time...to die.


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hunter are always so impressed with themselves....as if spraying deer piss around to hide your scent and then hiding for hours so you can shoot an animal that has no chanceto defende it itself is somehow an impressive feet. i'd be impressed if they waited up in the tree and then, when the deer walked by they pounced down and beat the deer in melee combat.

My greaves give me +8 physical attack.

That deer has no chance.

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No way in hell the Jets will not pay Vick and immediately cause a QB controversy here in NY.

Jets recent history backups Mirer,Brunell,Garrard.

We will see. Browns rumored to be looking schaub. Tick tock

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