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Report: Sanchez to be released in the next 24 hrs.


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Well, if this report is true, many of the Jets’ fans out there will be happy very soon. Not all, but most.
Take a look at this tweet from Gary Apple of the SNY TV network:

Garry apple @nflnbainsider
#jets expected to release mark Sanchez within the next 24 hours according to multiple media outlets #nyj #NFLFreeAgency

8:11 PM - 11 Mar 2014
So, if this is true, Jets fans will finally be rid of the player that they love to hate. The one that led them to two straight AFC title games.
To be honest, this would be the right move by the Jets, to do it early. Technically, the Jets could wait until March 24th to release him and still not be any worse financially, since the 25th is when Mark is due a roster bonus. But, doing it soon gives him the chance to shop his services to the other teams in the league.
It would have been sabotage to Mark’s career to make him wait until the end of the month, and then let him go. It’s nice to say that it looks like they are going to do right by him, finally.

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The Jets are going to be in no rush to send Sanchez packing.  They're only going to make a move once they either have a new veteran QB on the roster, or his roster bonus is just about due.  No reason for them to do it before that as, like it or not, if that day comes and there's no other veteran QBs on the roster or available in FA, there's a very real chance they try to strike a new deal with Sanchez.

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