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I've missed you guys so much!


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Seriously, this site is the best site for any jets stuff.  You guys always give me a good laugh.  

Anyways, I've been gone for a while but the dust is finally settling.  My wife and I had a daughter over the summer and it's been a fun crazy ride so far.  Her name is Adalene.  Here's a pic of her in Jets gear when we watched the Jets vs the Falcons:



And yes you can clearly see she's already frustrated watching the Jets.  She's gonna bleed green and I already feel bad about it.  Anyways though I've missed you guys and this site and now that the dust is settling I'll be back on this site more often.  And again I'm always open to photoshop requests.  

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Welcome back and congrats on Adalene - she will grow up to hate you for this ...

I just hope her first visit to the stadium for a game isn't like mine.  I remember it so clearly.  First game of the season, my dad and I went together, just the two of us.  Bought the yearbook before we got to our seats.  Got good seats and the game was going well until suddenly Testaverde got injured and was out for the year.  I can only hope my daughter has better luck than me.

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