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Denard or Ha ha Clinton Dix at 18?


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I'm ok with Lee, Evans, Cooks, Beckham Jr at 18. Most likely at least two will be there. Barr is probably gone now as the 3rd edgerusher off the board but I'd be ok with Dee Ford there. 


I think I'd rather any of those picks more than Dennard or Ha Ha...or any CB or S at 18. 


Lee and Evans at 18...you jump all over that.  Cooks, maybe a stretch but could live with it.  Beckham Jr, dont see it to be honest.  Versatile guy who's going to have a learning curve in the NFL.  He's never really produced incredible receiving numbers and everytime I watched him face Florida vs. physical man corners...he couldnt get open.  While Landry could.  Not liking Beckham at all in the first.


Dee Ford.  OK.  Like it.  Barr is gone, IMO.


I like the corners at 18 a lot...but I also like my boys in the 3rd/4th range.  Purifoy, Roberson, Watkins.  They all can play man-press.  Muscramp would put them on zero coverage all day long. 


Honestly, I typically dont even get involved in these conversations until FA plays itself out a little bit...this could all change pending future signings....but this is where I'm at as of now.

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I don't think Dix will be a priority for the Jets, and it's questionable that Cooks or Beckham is really worth that pick. I do agree with the poster that said Beckham returning kicks would fit a need, the question is it a first round need. I know we all think he sucks but they can tell Stephen Hill to run 9 routes at 4.3. He might not catch em (don't throw it to STONE HANDS!) but he can be a decoy and run deep. 


CB is the biggest need on the team right now. They might even get lucky and see if Justin Gilbert falls. Dennard is a great prospect and if he's the pick at 18, that's fine. I don't think he's freaky enough for Idzik but Rex would love him.  


whoever the Jets pick it won't be a reach, it will be someone that mock drafts said would go higher. If someone like Barr falls it's a no brainer. 



I agree with this assessment and would be happy with either Gilbert or Dennard at 18.  Picking someone like Deon Buccanon if he is still there in the 3rd would really float my boat. 

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