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OK, my post FA, rankings of all 32 teams


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OK, now that FA is over (well, It never really began for the JETS), here are my rankings of all 32 NFL teams:


1. Indianapolis

2. Seattle

3. San Francisco

4. Denver

5. Philadelphia

6. New England

7. New Orleans

8. Kansas City

9. Carolina

10. Green Bay

11. Chicago

12. Arizona

13. San Diego

14. Baltimore

15. Dallas

16. Cincinnati


18. Atlanta


20. Tennessee


22. Cleveland

23. Houston

24. St. Louis

25. NY Giants

26. Miami


28. NY Jets

29. Buffalo

30. Tampa Bay

31. Minnesota

32. Jacksonville




INDY is my absolute lock for the SB next year and I already bet them at 28-1. CLEVELAND of course is my longshot at 66-1 with Pettine and getting Manziel.


I know I may have the JETS too HIGH, but hey, they are our team so I needed to give them some love.


By the way:


Yesterday, CORNELL 15 Colgate 10 in Lax

Go Big Red

Rex couldn't coach a girls softball team

Geno sucks.

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