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The ability to be patient is a key element in a successful attack.  When hunting in winter the wolf will conserve energy when ever possible, by following the same trail as the prey animal, staying upwind, and staying out of sight of the prey as long as possible.


Patience and a keen sense of when to strike have led to this point.  But the time for action is now....











The objective wasn't to kill but to transform.  This wasn't a wolf looking to satisfy hunger..  he wanted to add to his pack...











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Hmmm... you are awful quick to discredit me for being the first to call bullsh*t on 80's cop claim. Let me remind you that I called him out on saying "a cop" not "the cop", then watched to see who would maneuver and how, then as soon as I saw people like Hess peeling votes off of 80... I slammed my vote onto him. It's also why I'm reading JIF as town... because that was the worst fake claim I've ever seen.


The scrabble thing was a bit of night phase talk to mess with scum a bit. It stands to reason that you would recall that most, because if scum, that would be the thing about me that made your team say "wtf is ape doing" more than anything else.



I'm pretty unnerved that you read him this way. I hope you are rusty.


Hey, now! I wear the crown for worst fake claim. Anybody remember Conversion Checker? Hess caught me on that one. 

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On my lunch at work; I agree Lily, I've been quiet, yesterday was a tough one for me.  (On a side note, aside from a boatload of aloe and motrin, anyone know a decent sunburn remedy?)



Nolder's on his meta, he's always going for inactives, so that doesn't tell me anything.  Besides the few DM'ers, I don't have much experience with people's normal attitudes, but I'm going to go back and look at Leelou's interactions

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I neglected to mention who killed Leelou..  It's in the scene now...


Lest there be any confusion whoever poisoned Leelou and who blew up Leelou are 2 different people.

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Official Vote Count:


AVM (1) -  JVoY

Jack (1) - Crusher

Nyn (3) - AVM, Wombat, Smash

JVoY (1) - CTM

Smash (2) - Nolder, Hess

Hallia (2) - Dan, Lily

Nolder (1) - JiF


With 16 alive, it takes 9 votes to send to the afterlife.

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1) Crusher
2) Leelou  (Pinhead) Scum GF -- blown up by JackD after already having been infected Day 2
3) Verb
4) AVM
5) Jack D  (Martin Riggs) Town Suicide Bomber -- blew himself and leelou up Day 2
6) Lily
7) Bee Gee  (Axel Foley) Cop -- Nk'd N1
8) JetFan80 (Jason Voorhees) Scum w/ Vest -- knocked the f-ck out Day 1
9) CTM
10) Ape
11) Hess
12) JiF

13) Nolder
14) Smash
15) Song

16) Dan
17) JVoY
18) Nynaeve

19) Hallia

20) Wwwombat




I'll update Page 1 going forward...

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Given that we have a cult in play I think it's more important than ever to eliminate and manage those who aren't contributing.


Lol.  How does that square with your plan of resting on your laurels?



^^ lets go town


Lol you inspired madman.  Pac must have loved giving you that role.

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