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Uniform #s have been settled. We can rest easy...


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The first skirmish in the Green & White numbers wars is over as today we've learned that newly signed WR Eric Deckericon-article-link.gif will wear uniform No. 87 and TE Jeff Cumberlandicon-article-link.gif will shift from 87 to 85.


Decker wore 87 his first four pro seasons with the Broncos. Cumberland has been a Jet those same four seasons but has bounced around the mid-80s, wearing 86 from 2010-12 and 87 last season.


"I reached out to Jeff and asked him how dedicated he was to the number," Decker said after he came aboard as an unrestricted free agent two weeks ago. "I guess we are going to kind of negotiate what we are going to do with the number. Obviously, he has been there for his four-year tenure. Otherwise I will have to find a new home, a new number."


Obviously the negotiations were concluded successfully.


The other major determination is what number QB Michael Vickicon-article-link.gif will wear. Vick's been No. 7 all 13 of his pro seasons, but that of course is the digit that Geno Smithicon-article-link.gif put on his back for his rookie season as the Jets signalcaller last year.


Vick in a conference call last week said the Battle for Seven was over before a shot was fired.

"Geno is going to wear No. 7. I'm changing my number," Vick said. To what? "It's undecided. Who knows? I'm going to come up with something in the next week."


No word yet and in fact we may not know for a while. What can Vick possibly come up with? Maybe he's conferring with Prince on a symbol rather than a digit. We'll keep you posted.

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Scott Salmon ‏@ScottSalmon48 · 7m
Jeff Cumberland is making $25K for his #87 jersey, more than half the median yearly income for a family in the United States.


Nice chunk of change for Cumby!

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Cumberland is a nice little player, but he's no Wes Walker.


Truth be told, outside of the defense, he's one of the players that I'm most excited about this year, should he put in a healthy season.  The coaching staff has been high on him since the draft and he's certainly shown flashes here and there. 




I know he's had some injuries since, but I forgot how impressive he was coming out of college. 


Cumberland: 6'4" 249 lbs. 4.45 forty, 35.5" vert, 9'10" broad jump, 4.39 20-yd shuttle, 6.89 3-cone.

Eric Ebron: 6'4" 250 lbs. 4.60 forty, 32" vert. 

Watkins: 6'0.5" 211 lbs. 4.43 forty, 34" vert, 10'6" broad jump, 4.34 20-yd shuttle, 6.95 3-cone. 

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New Jets wide receiver Eric Decker may be a wealthy man, but his desire to keep his favorite jersey number didn’t come cheap. The Daily News has learned that Decker, who signed a 5-year, $36.25 million deal at the start of free agency, agreed to pay new teammate Jeff Cumberland $25,000 and pick up the tab for a steak dinner to get his No. 87 jersey.

Cumberland wore No. 87 last season after wearing No. 86 for the first three seasons (2010-2012) of his career. Decker, whose new deal includes $15 million fully guaranteed in the first two years, knew that he’d have to haggle for the rights to get his number back.

"I reached out to Jeff and asked him how dedicated he was to the number,” Decker admitted at his introductory conference call with reporters a couple weeks ago. “We're going to negotiate what we're going to do with the number…. Obviously, he's been there for his four year-tenure. That's something that is up in the air. Maybe we can negotiate. Otherwise I'll have to find a new home and a new number."

Per NY Daily News

This kind of news makes you hate your job

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