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Petition calls for Vick to be banned from SUNY Cortland training camp


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Ummmm   ok.  I have no idea what that was supposed to mean. He didnt do ANY time for what he did to those animals.  That was the point I was making. I hope the Jets O line takes a play off the first time ConVick takes a snap.


did the falcons cut him and his sponsors drop him over gambling ?


he lost 250 million


I'm not a vick fan, but your argument is weak

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I think the first game of the season, all the Jets fans should burn PETA and SUNY Cortland flags then eat hog dogs and wings. I truely cannot wait until the season and i see these morons protesting the game. It will be absolutley hillarious how they get mocked and abused.   i will enjoy every minute of it.  I was never a huge Micheal Vick fan  but the so called animal rights people who eat meat and wear leather have made me into a huge Vick fan.attachicon.gifhhh.png

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