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QB needs to be drafted in first 4 rounds.

Tony The Wiz

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     To win in the NFL you need at least an above average QB. We don't have 1 on the roster. For many years as a hobby I have been a draft analyst for many years even before Kiper was on TV with his unmovable hair. Joel Bushbaum was the only one out there and had a Pro Football Draft newspaper. I  been pretty good in my drafting for years.  I hated the Sanchez pick but I loved the Pennington pick. Last year picking Geno was a desperate pick. Is he an above average QB like I said you need is really  debatable. Is he Sanchez no but he has many of the same traits. Accuracy is inconsistent like Sanchez was. Sanchez threw a good over the middle or a post pattern but his side line passes were terrible. Same as Geno. They both came into the NFL with some maturity issues. Sanchez who was eating hot dogs during a game and Geno's immature tantrums or getting down on himself or his teammates were consistent in college and now the pro game. What they both have which I hate  the most is the smartness of not turning over the ball. Both are turnover machines as is Michael Vick. Reading defenses and changing the plays are crucial in this NFL. What Geno does have what Sanchez did not have is his ability to make a play with his legs. That is a big plus in todays NFL. So here is my list of QBS and how I rated them. I have watched an many games this last few years and I will give you my fast review.





                 First round grades    My number 1 QB  is Blake Bortles. I had him my number 1 before Kiper, Mcshay, or Walter Football was even on their top 100 list. Watched him last year in a bowl game and he wowed me. He is what you see. He reminded me of Big Ben then and he showed me more this year. TOP 5 PICK 



                                               2. Johnny football. - Wished he stood another year just to see him get stronger but if he gets his act together with his off the field antics he should be a top 10 pick.


                                               3. Aaron Murray - This is where I differ from everyone. If he wasn't injured he would be graded so much higher. Watched him for the last few years and he has the toughness and that it factor for getting his team to believe in him and win any game he is under the center.  He really reminds me of Drew Brees when he came out of Purdue. Undersize but a winner.  He will be a steal for any team who drafts him since he will probably go in the 4th round.



                                             4. A. J McCarron -  This was the hardest pick as Carr or Garrapolo could of went here. I pick A.J. not because of his fiancée but for his smartness as a QB. He is pretty accurate and really got coached up by a good Alabama coaching staff.  He should go from 35 to 40th pick in the draft.



                                             5. Derek Carr - Him and Jimmy are really close but I seen the difference in the senior bowl. Carr is pro ready but Garrapolo has a bigger upside. I love Garrapolo's release  but he needs developing. Carr also throws a nice ball but his specialty is the short game.  He also should go in that 35 to 40th pick.



                                             6. Jimmy Garrapolo - What I said about above.



                                            7.  Zach Mettenberger - He would of been higher if he did not get hurt. An MCL on a tall QB who is not fleet a foot already will hurt his draft position. I watched real improvement in his game this year and is a typical big arm tall QB .



                                            8. Teddy Bridgewater - Many people will disagree with me but Bridgewater did not improve this year. He actually digressed in many games except for the bowl game against an overrated Miami team. He didn't measure like I thought he was in height and we all knew he had a frail body. Also he really doesn't scramble out of the pocket and that Pro day was terrible. Again we can define him on this but I just don't see him any better than Geno. What he has over Geno is his leadership which is a plus.              



                                             9. Keith Wenning - You probably saying who. I like this QB who played for Ball ST. He just impresses me whenever I watch him.



                                            10. Logan Thomas - The most interesting and strangest QB in the draft. He has almost everything in a QB in arm strength for every pass and enough athleticism to not only get away from pressure but run for big gains. His biggest negative is he really needs to be coached up on his decision making. He could  either be a Jamarcus Russell or a Steve Mcnair.



                                           11.  There are three QBS that could go either in the 4th trough 6th.   One that is moving up on every ones list in Tom Savage. I don't see it on tape but he has shown good on his work outs. I watched Pittsburgh and he really didn't stand out. The other two is David Fales and Brett Smith. David has been more publicized and has had great games but others that have failed. No pun attended. Brett Smith may be the best of these three . He is a scrambler and a pretty good passer. He had a good pro day and will interest teams.


                                       12. My wild card QB is this QB I watched on tape and really impressed me and he is a real sleeper. He was in a East West Shrine game and his name is Dustin Vaughn out of West Texas A&M. He is big and has a rifle of an arm but because of competition is really raw.




         Other QBS out there like Taz Boyd, Keith Price, Connor Shaw, Stephen Morris, Tommy Rees, Jeff Mathews  and Casey Pachal will be fighting to make a roster.




      Before I end there is one QB I always like but because of injuries kept him down who will make a roster is Bryn Renner out of North Carolina. Watch him he could surprise many people.              

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IMO, Manziel and Bridgewater go top ten. Manziel is a gift-wrapped celebrity, even if he's a coin flip prospect. Some owner will want him, and there's enough potential there to convince a GM that it'll work. Bridgewater, though he's getting shredded lately, might be Drew Brees. Hate to say it, but I think he's suffering from Geno comparisons. Similar build, similar complexion, neither has a monster arm, and neither interviewed well. That said, all it takes is one GM to look past all that. He's the best passer in the draft.

The intrigue comes where teams who want the pocket passer decide to rank Carr, Bortles, and Mettenberger. Where those three are picked is going to surprise all the draftniks.

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He mentions Savage in 11.


I like Murray. What hurts him is he gets dinged in a few areas - his height, his injury, and occasionally spotty decision making. But he was a quality quarterback in a good conference for a long time. If he can overcome the height issue he's got a chance to be a decent NFL starting quarterback. Seems like the kind of guy I'd be pretty comfortable with as a backup and could maybe get a pick for him after a few years if he shows well in preseason/garbage time. Would be happy if the Jets take him on day 3.

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