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Mike Woodson fired by the Knicks,


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I make fun of Herb Williams. He wore a fanny pack golfing when I met him, but the man is my hero. He's been around that team collecting 6+ figure check for 20 years doing nothing. I've honestly answered the question of who in sports Id most want to be multiple times with Herb Williams. Its going to be rough doing the same job for about $500 a week, which I think is the max for NY unemployment.

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Isn't that the whole purpose of Jackson? He is a big enough name to stand up to Dolan?

The New York Daily News reports that Phil Jackson, hired one month ago as president of basketball operations, is already clashing with owner James Dolan, as Dolan doesn't want Jackson to fire certain personnel.

Just one month into his role as Knicks president, Jackson has already clashed with Dolan, the chairman of Madison Square Garden, over personnel decisions, the Daily News has learned. According to a team source, Jackson is looking to remove several staff members, which is commonplace when a new administration takes over, but Dolan opposes removing certain employees.

According to the source, Dolan’s reaction to Jackson’s request was to tell the 11-time NBA championship coach to simply focus his attention on building a winning team. To say that “minor friction,” as one Garden source called it, can be classified as Jackson’s honeymoon with Dolan being over may be stretching it a bit.

But at the very least it proves that Dolan — surprise, surprise wasn’t being entirely truthful last month when he claimed he was “willingly and gratefully” giving up control of the basketball decisions to Jackson, the Hall of Fame coach.

via Knicks owner James Dolan tries to stop Phil Jackson's staff firings: source - NY Daily News.

That was apparently "willingly and gratefully as long as you only do thinks I'm OK with."

There's nothing uncommon about the new guy cleaning house. It's pretty standard for the new person in charge to want to install his people and remove people who may not be loyal to him or her or don't share the same vision. Hiring Jackson meant understanding that the organization was going to change, not that Jackson was going to wave his magic wand and make the Knicks into a contender.

Wait, no, that sounds exactly like something James Dolan would think.

Jackson arrived to a lot of fanfare and promises, but now has to set about righting the very wronged ship. We'll see if Dolan truly lets him steer.

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Does Phil Jackson make it 12 months before going full Larry Brown?

He should threaten to quite now and see if Dolan blinks.

With Mark Jackson likely out, Jax can become the GS president and hire Kerr so both can stay home in California

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At least Phil gets to break himself into the agent negotiation game on the par 3


Jax: To sign Steve, we're willing to offer an annual salary of ...

MikeT: Deal

Jax: But I didn't say how much...

MikeT: Fine, we'll take $500 thousand less.

Jax: Less than what? I haven't given a dollar...

MikeT: OK $1 million less that what you're willing to offer.

Jax: But...

MikeT: Man, you're a tough negotiator. $1.5 million less and that's final.

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obviously kerr is waiting to speak to a team still alive in the PO's


as a former headhunter, jacksons only move is to "take it away"


steve, thanks for the time to hear me out, but we're moving on with serious candidates

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We can't blame Dolan for Jax wanting to hire one of his cronies.

Sure I can. He's such a star ****er that the only way we can hope to keep him out of the basketball side of things is with a big name guy like Phil Jackson, a guy who also has zero experience. How many teams without financial problems biggest obstacle to success is their dipsh*t owner? We're so dysfunctional that the same guy who he gave away all our talent and picks for, cause Melo had to get his money, can't wait to take significantly less to get the **** away from this mess.

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