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Kevin Pierre Louis LB BC


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He and DeMarcus Lawrence are the only two LB prospects brought in. Lawrence as a DE/LB prospect and Pierre Louis likely as a candidate to replace Harris. 


Anyway, since he visited I figured we should take a look at him:


- He's a senior and a 4 year starter at BC.


- He picked Boston College over schools like Stanford and Duke.


- He missed games 8 combined between 2011 and 2012. 


- He's coming off a 108 TKL/ 10.5 TFL/  6 SACK/ 1 INT/ 1 PD/ 1 TD season.


- He is 6'1" 232 pounds. 


- He put up a great combine for his position: 4.51 40/ 39" vert/ 6.92 3-Cone/ 10' 08" Broad Jump


- Put his hand in the dirt as a rush DE/LBer last year. This shows the necessary versatility teams will undoubtedly want to see from an undersized LBer. He can read a play, he's comfortable dropping back, he plays the run, he sticks to his assignments, and last year he picked up a few sacks.


- The 2013 stat line + his height and weight read like a whateveryoucallthesmallerILBwhocancover that was allowed to blitz more and pick up sacks because his teammates aren't as good. He's not going to bulk up and play OLB - his deflected 10 more passes throughout his college career and only picked up 2.5 more sacks. Definitely an ILB when they have 4 LBers on the field. Totally different game from Harris out of college, more versatile and built towards defending against the pass. 


I like him as a potential future starter in the 5th or 6th rounds. Seems like a smart, experienced college LBer who can pick up Rex's schemes and execute them with NFL athleticism. He moves easy and looks like he wouldn't lose much if asked to gain 10 pounds under a NFL approved, totally-not-PED enhanced training program. Really a quality looking sleeper, didn't notice him until looking at the Jets' visits. 

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